Frequently Asked Questions


Why go with a guide?

 Developing a meaningful relationship with nature occurs over time, and is deepened by returning again and again throughout the natural cycles of the seasons. Like yoga, meditation, prayer, working out, and many other worthy endeavors, Forest Therapy, also known as Shinrin-Yoku, is a practice. And because it is a practice, it is best to learn it from a qualified guide.    - Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs 


Who is Forest Therapy for?


From nature enthusiasts, locals, and CEOs to parents, college students, and tourists, Forest Therapy offers something special to each and every participant. 

The forest has an uncanny way of reaching inside each person and reflecting the exact experience to them that they may need in that moment to heal, open up, relax, reconnect... whatever it is that needs to unfold in them.


Can my dog come?

Who doesn't love dogs?!

While we acknowledge that spending time in the great outdoors with our furry pals is a great way to bond with them, we respectfully request that you do not bring your four-legged companions along on your scheduled Forest Therapy walk. This is to allow you and anyone joining you to receive the full depth of the experience without any undue distraction. 

However, please do keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events in which your furry companions will be invited to accompany you for a special bonding experience!